Wall painting and the end of the season

A bit early I know, but this time you get an extra early update.

Why you ask? Because you will now have to do without our stories for 2 months. That is right; it is that time of the year. Everything is packed away, boats will be pulled out of the water and it is vacation time for us!

Every year the hotel, therefore also our dive shop, closes down for 2 months, during the peak of hurricane season. Our last day of the season was today, 17 August and we will return and be up and running and ready to take out divers on the 15 October. For you divers and our shop we are truly sorry. This means for us, vacation time! More diving, a little bit of traveling and lots of well deserved rest.

But before we finish this amazing fun-filled and really busy season we have one more surprise for all of you divers coming back next year. Shane, one of the sailing instructors at the BEYC, painted our office wall! We now have a mural of the RMS Rhone in our office, so that when we are not diving and doing office work, we can still feel like we are underwater.

He did an amazing job and I can’t wait for you guys to see it. After lots of exploration dives and taking photos he made a sketch on his computer. In the mean while Ben got the fun job of sanding down the ugly-looking wall we previously had.
While Shane started his painting, Ben and I started to sand down all our photo frames and staining them, as they had to look nice on this new wall of ours. Little by little we saw progress in our wall, up to the point where it is now officially completed. We are proud to say that it is the most beautiful office wall in the BVI.

Of course we would like to say big thanks to Shane Pollard, who is truly an amazing artist, Rescue Diver, Sail Instructor and lots more.

Lastly we would like to thank all our divers from this season for getting us out of the office and in the water. We had a great season, did many amazing dives, certified a lot of new divers, turned quite a few new divers into dive addicts, met lots of wonderful people and we hope to see all of you back next season!

See you in October!

Kay, Mike, Ben and Shon