Welcome back!

First of all a welcome back to all of you and we are of course happy to be back!

The season has started again and so far so good. The tropical storms haven’t messed us up too bad and we have had some beautiful dives since opening.  We are ready for you guys and have made sure all of our boats are looking slick as ever. The dive gear had a good wash down and we are all refreshed and in top shape. We can’t wait for you guys to come and visit so we can take you out diving again and show you all the great stuff we have out here in the BVI. We had a great start of the season and already took lots of you out diving! To those who have we hope you had a great time!

We hope all of you had a great summer as we surely did! We all had a well deserved rest and enjoyed a beautiful summer here in the BVI. Some of us went for a quick visit abroad to get of the rock for a little bit, but most of everyone’s time was spent at home enjoying paradise like you do when you visit.

Yeah, I do mean enjoy paradise like you do, so we went to the Baths, spent some time on the beach and went snorkeling, had lobster in Anegada and of course, can you believe it, we went diving!

As we try every summer we did some of the regular dive sites and we also went to see if we could find some new spots. Both were a success to say the least. We found a new dive site which will be named Lobster Ledge, after all the Lobsters we found out there. Not sure yet when we will be able to get you guys out there, but it is a work in progress.

Finding new spots is always fun, but even the good old traditional dive sites have something new every time you visit… One of the trips we went to the Chikuzen, which is always a treat, and man did she treat us on this one! With some friends we headed out on a beautiful calm morning and as we jumped in we were greeted by a beautiful big Stingray, lying in the sand. As usual the wreck showed her best side and was swarmed with big schools of fish, barracuda, the local 450 pound Goliath Grouper was home and the list goes on and on. On top of all that, you will never believe what we saw!!!
Out of the blue came a frisky 10 feet Great Hammerhead. She came and showed off really well, not just once, but she did about 6 fly by’s before she took off back in the blue!

You should have seen the looks on our faces. We had Ben and Joe chasing the poor thing to get some good shots, which they did! There was Sandra, Guy and I just amazed by all this happening and then there was Emma, a bit shy at first, but once she figured out it was alright to see this creature, just as bedazzled as the rest of us.

So as you can see still plenty of reasons to come and visit us, as you can tell the BVI just never stops surprising! Hope to see you soon and a belated Happy Halloween!!!