Time to introduce our crew!

With a new crew member just arrived it is time we properly introduce you to our staff!

The crew at Sunchaser Scuba

Let’s start with how it all came about…
Bert Kilbride was the founder of our dive shop! Bert was pretty much the founder of diving in the BVI. He started diving these waters in 1961, which is also when he opened the first dive operation on Virgin Gorda. In 1992, at the young age of 76, Bert sold his operation to his manager, Michael Van Blaricum, and the current era of diving with Sunchaser Scuba in Virgin Gorda had begun.

Mike, the ownerMike, 64 winters young, is originally from Michigan but he moved away from the cold years ago. He had been running dive charters out of Florida for 15 years and came to the BVI to “escape the cold” and the rest is history. Mike is our resident captain who will take the odd job driving the boat for us to unknown places. When he is not needed on the water he resides in the shop taking bookings and manning the shop! With his watchful eye he guides us through each step of the business. He is a walking encyclopedia with more than 10.000 dives, years of boat driving experience and a whole lot more!

Ben is a 28 year old PADI MSDT coming from the South of England. He got certified in Australia when he was younger and after finishing university decided he wasn’t ready for the real world and moved to Thailand to become a dive instructor. Ben has been diving for about 10 years now and has been teaching for 6 years! Before coming here he and Kay used to work in Costa Rica and Mexico which is where they met. Apart from teaching students and guiding divers, Ben is also the boat mechanic with Shon as his right hand. Ben’s main responsibility next to the fun of diving is the commercial diving! Ben maintains the entire BEYC mooring field, all 85 moorings!PADI Instructors Ben and Kay

Kay is a 27 year old PADI MSDT. Being from Belgium makes her speak lots of silly languages and before she met Ben she spent some time in Australia, France and Ireland. She became a diver 5 years ago and has been teaching for 4 years now! Next to teaching students and guiding divers Kay is in charge of the administrative side of the business, emailing, maintaining the website, blog and all the other internet nonsense called Facebook, Twitter and Google +.

Shon is a 27 year old PADI Divemaster and with that he is the ONLY local Divemaster in the BVI!! Shon was born and raised on Virgin Gorda and he joined the coPADI Divemaster Shon Pollockmpany about 3 years ago as shop help! We trained him all the way up to Divemaster, a job he has been fulfilling for the past 1.5 years! Shon is always happy, I cannot remember the last time I did not see him smile, although, maybe last time he was scrubbing the bottom of the boat… Shon is a handy man and does everything! Guiding our guests is of course his primary job, but next to that he fixes what needs fixing, cleans what needs cleaning…

Last but not least, our latest addition to the team Shane! Shane is a PADI Divemaster freshly flown in from California! He started diving with us 2 years ago and PADI Divemaster Shane Pollardwe trained him all the way up. Aged 32 he is one of our riper crew members and after traveling many parts of the world such as Japan, teaching English and being an artist he is a welcome addition to the team! Yeah, you have heard his name before, Shane is the painter of our amazing office mural and we cannot wait to put him to work again!

Now you know who will be taking you diving on your next dive adventure!!!
And we can’t wait to take you out there!
Hopefully see you soon diving!