Springbreak once again!

First of all, we would like to wish a Happy Easter and welcome spring to everyone! We hope the start of spring was as good to you guys as to us and that everyone had a great spring break! We surely had an amazing spring break with a lot of things happening!

Diving in the BVI

And what an insane spring break month it was, we had heaps of little Bubblemakers go in the pool to see what this diving nonsense is about. These guys were pros in corkscrews, racing and finding painted fish in the pool, every single one of these guys were like fish in the water and we can’t wait to see them again next year and hopefully get some out diving in the ocean, or maybe even certified.
Many families joined us on the resort course and came out for even more dives after that, some of them even decided to get certified straight away. Those who didn’t, I am pretty sure will get certified next year, right guys? Just as many teenagers and parents decided to get certified this year with us as well. Most people did the theory at home or online with the PADI E-learning. This way you don’t have to study on vacation and you just have to do the fun diving here!

With this many people around, night dives are bound to happen and in the past couple of weeks we ventured out to the Invisibles a couple of times! And man, did we get rewarded for doing so! On each dive we saw up to 6 sleeping sea turtles, lobsters and slipper lobsters, absolutely amazing! Macdara, a 10-year-old boy who just got certified a couple of days prior said; “I don’t understand why we dive during the day, I think you guys should do this every night instead!”

Scuba diving in the BVI

A good few people dove multiple days with us and some of those were more than happy to point out some of our habits and stop lines. Shon our PADI Dive master is a great singer and his favorite song goes lalalala laaahh. Ben one of our instructors likes to say: ‘”good stuff” and he and Kay both seem to use the word “awesome” quit a lot! Shane our newest PADI Dive master was loved by his fellow Californians who labeled him ‘Team Cali” and their favorite guide for the trip!

Like every year spring break means craziness for us as it is our busiest time of the year… We kiss our days off goodbye and with a smile on our faces we trade those for daily dive trips, up to 4 or even 5 dives a day, no office time and no time to do nasty maintenance jobs. Just well desired and well-loved time in the water for everyone! It is the time where we all remember why we do this job, because we LOVE it. Ask any of us and we will say the same, this is not a job; my office is a dive boat or the ocean and my uniform is a wetsuit! Every morning I wake up wondering what bathing suit to wear and what surprises the ocean will have for us today! Returning off a dive with just happy faces on the boat, see the smiles on kid’s faces when we are diving and have the little ones tell you how cool it was to come diving in the pool, that is the greatest reward!

Every day we meet so many amazing and wonderful people who not only make our job, but also our lives more interesting and enjoyable! We just would like to thank all our divers for giving us an amazing season and all our return divers to keep coming back to us. We hope you all had a great time and we cannot wait to see all of you again next year! Please keep on coming back so we can take you on even more beautiful and fun dives here in the BVI!