Great deals!

So you have decided, you want to dive and even better, you want to come and dive with us!

Let’s give you an overview of where we are located, what packages and great deals we offer and what there is to do when you are not diving or for all the non divers in your party!

Sunchaser Scuba is located at the Bitter End Yacht Club, which is in the North Sound of Virgin Gorda, in the British Virgin Islands. The North Sound is a beautiful natural protected harbor, providing excellent shelter if the weather is a little rougher outside the bay, yet always providing some wind somewhere making it ideal for all your water sport activities! Just outside the bay is Eustatia Reef which offers some excellent snorkeling within a short dinghy ride past Saba Rock, a must see for happy hour! Go and hang out at Sand Box, a small beach with bar on Prickly Pear, a national park.

Bitter End Yacht Club

The Bitter End Yacht Club is famous for all the activities they offer, from daily full or half day snorkel trips, sailing, hiking trails and plenty of watercraft such as hobbies, other sail boats, paddle boats, kayaks and whalers (little motor boats),  all included in their amazing packages, yet also accessible to outside guests! If that is not enough for you there is also a onsite kite boarding and sailing school, on water photographers and spa.

Bitter End Yacht ClubFor rates and availability make sure to check out and make sure to have a look at the dive packages if you want to include diving in your package. If you are a certified diver, these packages will offer you 3 mornings of diving, doing 2 dives on each morning. If you are not a certified diver you can use this package to see what diving is like. You would do a resort course on your first afternoon, which will get you out diving after a short lesson, and then you get a second afternoon dive on top of that!

If you are not staying at the Bitter End Yacht Club you can still come and dive with us. If you are staying on Virgin Gorda, you can come and meet us at our shop or we do offer convenient pick up at certain locations such as Leverick Bay and Spanish Town. Let us know if you are sailing around on a boat and we can meet you at your boat in either of the above mentioned locations or in the Dog Islands, Cooper Island and as far as Salt Island.

Bring along the non-divers in your party for some snorkeling or just a boat ride or forget diving all together and join us on a private charter for just yourselves to anywhere in the BVI. Visit the Baths, Norman Island or Jost van Dyke just to name a few! Let us guide you around, while you and your friends or family just sit back and relax! Go diving, snorkeling or bar hopping, just one of them or why not all of them in the same day!

Diving in the BVI
by Walt Thirion

If you are not sure yet how much you will or want to be diving, just wait until you get here and we will still give you great package deals even when not booked in advance. Daily morning trips start at $110 per person if you have your own equipment. We offer 3 and 5 day dive packages for as low as $310 for 3 morning trips, all equipment included.

Whether you are a certified diver or not, whether you want to dive or not, be sure to swing by our dive shop or contact us to see what we can work out for you!

Please visit our website for full details on our packages and great prices.