Sunchaser Scuba goes 100% AWARE!

Sunchaser Scuba goes 100% AWARE!

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And that is something to be proud of! What does that mean though?
Well, it means that we will put in an extra effort into ocean conservation starting 1 November 2013!

2013 certification card

 We are a very small and proud dive center putting a lot of time and effort in the service we provide. Being so small and perfectionists means we have our hands full. Sadly we don’t

 have enough spare time to dedicate to big actions. Therefore we want to help in any way we can; by donating to Project AWARE for every student we certify! This means that for every student who becomes a PADI Open Water, Advanced Open Water or Rescue Diver with us, we will donate $10 to Project AWARE. In return, our students will get a Project AWARE certification card.

Clean Up

Of course that is not it; we do what everyone should do; telling our divers about Project AWARE and making them AWARE, clean up the areas around our dive shop and hotel, clean up debris on the dive sites…   We wish we could do more, but I guess every little bit helps and all together we can make a difference!

Together with the Bitter End Yacht Club we are trying to make a difference, each in our own way. Sunchaser underwater and BEYC on land by going Green! What do they do? They organize beach clean ups and snorkels for the in-house guests, world ocean day events, they have their own desalination plant, providing themselves with drinking water, no longer use plastic in the staff areas such as the canteen where we all get lunch. They have had a study done to point out where they can improve and are making changes to help the environment such as implementing timers for lights, use of LED’s…

BEYC beach clean up

What is Project AWARE? The Project AWARE Foundation is a non-profit organization which mainly consists of divers, who all in a joint effort try to protect the ocean planet. They encourage people to take matters in their own hands and do whatever they can themselves, no matter how little to help save our oceans. The main issues supported by Project AWARE are Sharks in Peril and the trash in our oceans or as they like to call it Marine Debris. The reason they focus mainly on these two problems, knowing very well that they are not the only issues, is because we as divers can actually do something about them and will see a difference and notice the effects if we don’t!

Of course we would love to encourage all of our divers to do the same and help in any way you can! Go to the Project AWARE website and find out what you can do to help our oceans!
Join their movement by signing up and keep updated on the latest news about our oceans, sign petitions to help protect sharks and much more. Donate whatever you can spare or match our donation if you are one of our students. You can follow what we do on our My Ocean page and become our dive buddy.

Go AWARE and together we can make the world a better place!

Project AWARE