Getting ready!

First of all a belated Thanksgiving to everyone and already a Merry Christmas to come!

We have been working hard for the past couple of weeks to get everything ready again and we are more than ready for another amazing season in paradise. Getting ready, what does that mean you wonder? That means a lot of hard work in the blazing sun, haha, tough life right!

It means we come back in October and have to put the boats back in the water after they have been on dry land for the summer. When the boats go back in the water we make sure they all have new bottom paint, they had their annual inspection done and have all the required safety equipment on board, working and ready just in case. They get the best scrub ever, a little bit like doing a boat spa, getting a well deserved scrub and a little bit of pampering. Wax on, wax off, scrub the deck, polish the aluminum, clean and paint the engines, paint the deck and then of course put all the dive gear back on and have them ready to take our first divers of the season out. Both Sunchaser and Miss Lavelle got brand new curtains to keep our divers nice and dry.

Our dive boat Sunchaser

Miss Lavelle

Sunchaser, our largest dive boat got an extra treat this year, she got new sound proofing over the summer! Before we pulled her out of the water we sanded the engine compartment, when she got pulled they sprayed a sound proofing paint on the inside of her, which means she will be nice and quiet! Not that she was that loud, but now she will be even better. 

That is the boats done, but then there were all our tanks…By the end of last season we had them all sanded and by reopening we made sure they looked perfect again to start the season. Last summer all of our tanks were due for hydro as we like to call it. Every 5 years you have to get your tanks hydrostatic tested. They put them in a water tank and run tests on them to make sure that the tank is structurally sound to go diving with. When we got them back we also did their annual visual inspection. During the annual visual inspection you make sure the tank is not rusting and its integrity is good. All of them got our famous yellow and red paint on them and look shinier than ever.

Dive tanks

With everything cleaned and back in position it is then also time to pull everything out of our shop and make sure the shop is clean and all ready to welcome customers.  Make sure the compressor is filled, checked and serviced so we can start filling tanks, all our photos hung up again, paint the desk and table; plug the phones and computers in…After the tanks, came all the dive equipment! After sitting in our shop all summer it was their turn for a spa treatment as well! We washed all the BCD’s and regulators inside and out and serviced all of them, making sure they are working as they should! Checked all the mouthpieces, washed the masks and snorkels and put our new wetsuits in rotation to keep everyone warm.

Dive shop

With all that done we were almost good to go. We only had our last and favorite part to do; put in new orders and get all of our new goodies! We ordered new regulators, BCD’s, wetsuits, masks and lots more stuff to make sure we can provide our divers with the best working equipment!

As you can tell we are by now well ready for more of you divers to come and enjoy the amazing diving in the BVI. We look forward to seeing you all at Christmas!!!