Diving on pinnacles!

First of all a Happy New Year to all you divers, families and friends! May the New Year bring you lots of diving fun and anything else your heart could wish for!

To start the new year we will tell you about some of the pinnacles we dive here in the BVI. These pinnacles so happen to be some of our favorite dive sites in the British Virgin Islands.  A pinnacle is a tall pointed formation such as a mountain, in our case these pinnacles are located under the water. The pinnacles here in the BVI seem to just break the surface or reach up to about 5ft below the water. They reach down to a depth of about 90ft at some places.

We have the Invisibles which is Ben’s favorite dive in the BVI, there is Seal Dog Rock which is Shane and Shon’s favorite dive in the BVI. Let’s not forget about Vanishing Rock and POS (project ocean science) just to name a few. Each and every single one of these dive sites has all what seem to be typical pinnacle characteristics.

First of all they are prone to current. Luckily being a pinnacle means that you might have to fight the current for a part of the dive, but the other part of the dive the current will shoot you around. Or you can just hang out in the lee of the pinnacle and avoid the current completely. We do like to have a little bit of current when we do these dives though, because for some reason the marine life loves the current. In general, the stronger the current, the more marine life we see. This is probably due to the nutrient rich water that gets pushed through which the marine life loves.

For some reason, most of these pinnacles are just off an island, but not being attached to the island seems to make them a haven for marine life. Each and every single one of these pinnacles has a certain spot where you can find big schools of fish just running down the walls, hugging the bottom or the top at specific points of the dive site. Sometimes it is a bit eerie, you will be diving and you will find hardly anything and you’ll feel like shouting ‘is anyone home’. But don’t be fooled, just keep on going and going and eventually you will bump into these big schools of fish. Your search will be rewarded and you can just stop and hang out in this one spot being surrounded by marine life!

Having big schools of fish of course means there is normally bigger life hanging around eating these fish. POS has some absolutely enormous Barracuda, Vanishing Rock tends to attract massive schools of Horse Eyed Jacks and the Invisibles shows a shark every now and then.

Most of these pinnacles have something very unique to them as well. They tend to have crevices which hide lobsters and lots of shrimp. One of the pinnacles in the BVI, Vanishing Rock, has some of the largest pillar coral and the Invisibles has an amazing rock formation which looks like a cresting wave.

Quit often the visibility on some of these pinnacles is reduced because of the amount of plankton floating around them, but as they bring in the marine life we don’t mind the reduced visibility to much. Good visibility is no good if there is no marine life around is it?