Just another day in paradise…

We lay in a hammock all day, with our feet in the sand waiting for all these nice divers to stroll by and have a chat. After meeting these amazing people we decide to go diving, we get in the boat and of we go. After a nice and calm, 5 minutes ride out we flop in the water and see all the creatures we wanted to see. After the dive we all rave about how amazing it was over a couple of cocktails and fall asleep dreaming of another beautiful day in paradise.British Virgin Islands

Well, that is not quite how it goes… We wish that this was our every day in paradise but unfortunately there is a little bit more to it than that. Don’t get us wrong, every single person working at Sunchaser Scuba LOVES their job, their passion and none of us wake up in the morning thinking: “ ugh, I have to go to work again” Not at all, but there is a little bit more to it than swaying in a hammock waiting for someone to take on a dive.

So what does a busy day at Sunchaser Scuba entail for us; A busy day starts at 6.10 am when we drive to the ferry dock to catch the 6.30 am ferry into work. When we arrive we go and get the boat and bring her to the dock. Once on the dock it is time to get the boat ready for the guests. Getting the boat ready means; set up every diver’s equipment, water in the camera and mask buckets, and ice in the cooler, towels ready and dock lines on if needed for pick up. Once the boat is ready we also need to get the rest of the shop ready. This means filling the rinse tank for washing the wetsuits when we get back, have the paperwork ready for the guests to fill out, put full tanks ready on the dock for when we come back after the first trip. By then our first guest will be arriving on the dock around 7.45 am and we make sure everyone fills out paperwork, see certification cards, get fins, masks and wetsuits ready for everyone and once we have everything for everyone and we doubled checked all of that we are good to go.

We give new divers a boat briefing so they know where everything is on the boat and have a nice chat with everyone onboard making sure everyone is comfortable and having a good time. About half way in to the ride out we give all of our divers a thorough dive briefing, so that we are ready for our first dive when we get to the dive site. Once everyone is briefed we have to make sure all the tanks are opened and masks defogged, set the safety line and help everyone in the water. Then comes the best part of the day; diving!  After 2 beautiful dives the boats starts heading back to the dock while the crew breaks down all the equipment and then joins the guests for a nice ride back to shore with a lot of chatter about what everyone saw and how amazing the dives were.. Once on shore we ensure all divers had a good time, fill out log books and take payments.

Then it is time for the second part of the day. All the equipment on the boat gets rinsed and she gets Learning in the poolreset for a second trip that afternoon. If there are Discover Scuba Diving participants for the afternoon we have to make sure all their equipment is ready for the pool at 1 pm and the rest of the boat has to be ready for 2 pm. If we are lucky we can get a quick bite of lunch, then good to go again at 1 pm to meet first time divers to go to the pool. While the pool session goes on there will be filling of tanks going on, putting more full tanks on the dock for when the boat comes back of the afternoon trip and make sure any personal equipment gets a good wash and hung up to dry. After the pool training is done, both novice and experience divers can join us once again for a dive in the afternoon.

When the boat comes back off the afternoon trip around 4 pm it is time to wash down all the equipment, put full tanks back on the boat, fill up drinking water, fresh water and give the boat a good scrub from top to bottom. We then have to make sure everything gets packed away properly; all the paperwork is done and that we are ready and set up for yet another day in paradise the next day.

This is an easy busy day in paradise, you don’t want to know what a  very busy day in paradise entails… But of course there are also the non busy days in paradise, where the crew will just go diving for fun, go for a sail or just hangs in a hammock waiting for a dive…So just remember, we LOVE our “job” we just want to moan as well every now and then 🙂