An amazing farewell!

What a better way to end this season then by an amazing farewell visit by our good friend Ghost, the dolphin. She has frequented our waters quit a lot this year and granted us probably at least 5 sightings this season. We are not talking about a quick wave either; she would spend entire dives with us and our divers. So let’s introduce you to “Ghost”.

Ghost, the dolphin

“Ghost” is the name we gave to this amazing dolphin. Why, because she is like a ghost comes and goes; you will see her a couple of times in a row and then she will disappear for weeks. She frequents the waters of the BVI and has been spotted in the Dog Islands, the Baths, Cooper Island and Salt Island that we know of.

Kay, one of our dive instructors saw her first at the end of last season on one of our dive sites named Big Grotto at Mt Point. She was quit Dolphin on the planeshy and only spend a little bit of time with Kay and her first time divers. The second time we saw her was on Seal Dog Rock. She by then got a little less shy and gave us a good sighting. After that it only got better and better. Spending an entire two dives on the wreck of the Rhone with our divers, belly flopping with Shon and his divers for 45 minutes at the plane wreck and then last week a nice season finale on Joe’s Cave for Shane, Ben and their divers.

We think it is safe to say that she is a Bottlenose dolphin, which is the most common in the British Virgin Islands, but also in the Caribbean and most tropical waters in the world. Bottlenose dolphin is the largest of all species and they can reach more than 9 ft and weight up to 450 pounds. They are known to be amazingly personable and that is definitely how we experienced them. They are very curious and love to see humans do somersaults and corkscrews under the water!

Dolphin and diversIn general, dolphins are social animals who like to live in family groups; however this one is a solitary dolphin. Why you ask? There could be a couple of reasons such as separation from its social group by choice or not. However, rumor goes she got hurt when she was younger and someone took care of her and released her back in the wild afterwards making her a social outcast to other dolphins but a big friend to humans. This happens to other dolphins as well and every case is so different and in most of these cases the actual case for them being solitary is unknown.

Dolphins are cetaceans and mammals and they need to keep their body temperature high. They also need to breathe air, which is why we see them so often on the surface.

For lunch these guys prefer fish such as herring, mackerel and sardines and they can eat up to 66 pounds a day.

Dolphins are incredibly fast and can keep up speeds of 18 miles per hour. When swimming fast for short periods of time they can even go as fast as 25 miles per hour. That is as fast as our dive boat!

They have an amazing way of communicating with each other, through whistles and clicks, which we can even hear under the water. That is not the only way they communicate with each other though, dolphins also breach, slap their fins or tails in the water, jaw popping, body posture and apparently they can even mimic some human sounds.Dolphin

Absolutely incredible creatures’ dolphins are!

With that said it is time to say goodbye for now to all the amazing animals of the underwater world. From parrot fish to trunk fish, eels and rays, sharks and shrimp and all the incredible coral and other life forms of the ocean. For us it is that time of the year again; with only 2 more weeks of the season left we are ready to pack up and enjoy a well deserved vacation for our boats, equipment and crew.

We would like to thank all you amazing divers once again for another absolutely fantastic season at Sunchaser Scuba here in the British Virgin Islands. Although ready for our vacation time, we are also looking forward for yet another amazing season coming up next year. I cannot wait to tell you all about what will be new next season, so hang in there enjoy an amazing summer and we look forward seeing you guys again in the middle of October. Keep your eyes open for our next blog coming up on 1 November 2014 filled with news, stories and lots more!!!

Dolphin goodbye