This is the best dive ever…

The dive question everyone asks; What is your favorite dive in the BVI? What was your best dive ever?


The answer is not that simple and a really hard one to answer. It really depends on who and what shows up on the dive. All of us can truly say that we have had amazing dives on each and every dive site that we do. But we also had dives on almost all of them where literally all that showed up was a blue tang and a butterfly fish.

Does that make it a bad dive? Absolutely not, there is no such thing as a bad dive as any time spent under the water is amazing, regardless of what you see down there.

Little GrottoOf course we all have some great memories of beautiful dives and some offer such unique characteristics making them great regardless of what shows up. We have so many dive spots, each with some great features, but here are a few;

Little Grotto, which has a little tunnel like cave, of course with air and light coming all the way through, very shallow with a maximum depth of about 35 ft. A great spot to take your time and look for small stuff, especially when you enter the cave as nudibranches like to hang out on the walls.

Chimney, with some great canyons and a massive arch with some stunning yellow flower coral leading up to the actual “Chimney” which is a narrow swim through. Finishing up the dive around the massive coral heads underneath the boat for some smaller fish sightings.Plane wreck

Of course for the wreck lovers among you you can’t miss out on dives like the world famous RMS Rhone or Wreck Alley where you will find 4 wrecks in a row.The plane wreck at Coral Gardens is something you don’t see everyday of course and who does not want to swim through a little plane where barracudas like to hang out on.

JellyfishThen there is of course the “who and what shows up” side of an amazing dive. We get excited about a lot of things and depending on the season will depend on what is around. Of course everyone is “wowed” by sharks, turtles, rays and eels. We are all stunned when we see dolphins. Next are the silly things we like such as juvenile trunk fish, juvenile spotted drums, 25 squid flying in “squidron”,… Lastly are other rare things which we might only have seen once or one season like a lions mane jellyfish, frog fish, leopard flatworms, unusual nudibranches, seahorses.

You see that is the thing with diving; you never know what you are going to see! No matter how many times you have done a dive or how much you have heard about another dive, just being under the water is incredible. On top of that you never know who is going to come and say hi. All we know for sure is that if you don’t dive you won’t see anything. It is an exciting adventure, a unique experience, over and over again!

Diving in the BVI