Ready to go again!

Welcome back!DivingAfter a well deserved and amazing vacation, we are ready to go again. What a better way to start the new season then to update you on the new happenings at Sunchaser Scuba.

All of the staff enjoyed some amazing time off. Shon worked some more over the summer months and goes jet setting at Necker Island. Michael went back home to visit his family and friends and enjoy some amazing food. Ben and Kay headed back to Costa Rica where they used to live for about 3 weeks to do … some more diving. Devin was busy being a hero in California, where he is a wildfire fireman during the summer months. Unfortunately Mike is spending a couple of months at home in the US due to health issues, but no worries, he is recovering well and he should be here to celebrate Christmas with us!

Crew CaitlinUnfortunately Shane has left the team, but luckily we did find a more than suitable follow-up for him; the fabulous Caitlin Calvert! Caitlin was born in 1989 in Baltimore, Maryland, where she graduated with a Bachelor of Science, Art & Design. She worked as a photographer, real estate agent and home designer back at home, until she moved down here last year to be with her boyfriend and our instructor Michael. She worked as a marketing director in a nearby resort when we fell in love with her and convinced her that being a PADI Divemaster is way more fun. She joined us last July to do her training and is now an amazing addition to our team as a PADI Divemaster.

The boats took a rest as well and they went to the boat yard New Engineto get some pampering done. Ramming Speed got a brand new engine installed, Sunchaser got a buff and wax treatment and all boats, including Miss Lavelle got brand new bottom paint. We needed to do government inspections and out of the water surveys for the insurance company on the 2 bigger boats and once we splashed them they needed a good scrub and cleaning. They look shiny and new again ready to take divers to explore the underwater world.

With the start of the season it was also time to launch our new website Michael did an amazing job last year creating a new website for us, using mostly his own photos. This work of art went live at the beginning of October. There is a little bit more behind the scene work to be done, but it looks fantastic if you ask us!


All the crew, boats included had a fantastic vacation, but they all said it was so amazing to be back in the BVI and in the water. No matter how much we love going on vacation and diving other places this place is home. We got reminded of how amazing the diving is in the British Virgin Islands as soon as we got back in the water. While doing a staff day out we got treated to sharks, nudibranchs, pipefish (family of the seahorse), dolphins on the surface, dolphins underwater, rays, eels and lobsters…It is a tough life calling the British Virgin Islands and its beautiful water home!

Come and see us soon so we can show you the underwater wonders in this place we like to call home!