Who is DAN?

Heaven forbid you will ever need it. Knock on wood, we never have. Dive insurance… for many it’s just a waste of money, until they need it.

If the moment ever arrises that you need some dive insurance, you will probably wish you had signed up for DAN.

Divers Alert Network is the largest association of recreational scuba divers in the world and was the first one to develop a dive accident insurance plan, over 25 years ago. They are supported by membership dues and donations. They provide help for divers who need assistance in case of a dive emergency. DAN offers a variety of available plans from single trips to yearly plans. Not only are recreational divers covered by DAN, they offer specific insurance packages for professional divers and their students as well.

In addition, they also try to promote safe diving through a variety of channels.

They conduct and relay their own research as the leader in diving safety research. You can view their findings in reports, publications or even participate in one of their many data collection projects.

DAN also educates people using their foundings in research and offers an area of education, products and diving services. You can even take courses which will teach you how take care of your buddy if they get injured, from First Aid to other diving injuries.


When you become a DAN member you will receive emergency medical evacuation assistance, through DAN TravelAssist and other DAN insurance services. That is not all though, DAN also shares their findings and keeps you up to date with their Alert Diver Magazine and other media outlets on their website.

So if you haven’t signed up for your dive insurance, now might be a good time…

Safe diving!