Discover Scuba Diving Rocks!

As Spring Break has been rolling into Easter, families and college students make their way through our beloved British Virgin Islands. Being one of our busier times of the year, we have definitely kept occupied. It is during this time of the year that we teach the majority of our Discover scuba Divers.

In 2015 we taught over 600 discover scuba divers.  Don’t get me wrong; we are only a small fry in the world of Discover Scuba Diver teachers, but still, not bad if you ask us!

Diving Fun-15

What is a Discover Scuba Diving Experience? It is a great experience and a way to show you what scuba diving is all about. It gives you the chance to explore the underwater world, without having to commit to a full certification course. It is valid only with the company you trained with and only for the duration of your stay. Meaning if you come back the year after, you will have to redo the training again. Within the scope of just a few hours we can have you in the ocean, diving along with the fish.

It entails a small theory portion, in which we explain the basics of scuba diving; what happens to your body and what you should do, what all the equipment is for and how we should act under the water.
After we explain the basics it is time to jump in the pool. In the pool you will get a chance to familiarize yourself with all the equipment we will use during our dive. From the BCD and regulator to your mask and fins. We will teach you a couple of basic skills such as clearing your regulator and mask, to swimming under the water and controlling your buoyancy. Really, we are just trying to get you comfortable in all the equipment in a controlled environment.
Once you are comfortable in the pool, it is time for the real thing; your first open water dive! Under the strict supervision of one of our instructors, we will be able to take you on a dive to a maximum of 40ft. Don’t worry, 40ft is as deep as you need to go. The location we will take you to is a real dive, where we would take certified divers to as well, not a lesser “beginner” dive. Saying that, we do try to line all the elements up as well as we can. We try to find the calmest spot of the day, protected with surface conditions like a swimming pool. Shallow drop in, so you can easily see the bottom. We do also use lines to go up and down on and as I said, your instructor is right there with you!

After about 45 minutes you will be back on the surface, floating on your back in the water, telling us how amazing the dive was. On the ride back to our dive shop your instructor will go over the fish identification card with you and show you what it was you saw down there. Once we have you hooked you can dive with us again during your stay without having to do the pool portion again so you can come with us and explore the incredible underwater world in the British Virgin Islands.

Did you know that Bert Kilbride, the founder of our dive shop, was actually the inventor of this “resort course”. He had too many men diving and the women sitting on the beach moaning about their husbands being gone the whole time. So he decided to come up with a program that allowed them to dive, even though they weren’t certified!

Surface Fun - Having Fun

Of course we do encourage you to continue your diving career and move on to do your PADI Open Water certification, but this is a good first try, to see if you like it.So what are you waiting for? Come and see us for your first underwater experience!