Remembering a great man!

The start of a new season should be exciting. Don’t get us wrong, it is, after a well deserved vacation we are all jumping to get back in the water. However, this will be a weird season, a sad start and just not how it should be. A sad goodbye to an incredible man.

Mike, the owner

During our summer break, we got the unfortunate, horrible, sad news that Mike, our boss, business partner, friend and like a father to most of us, passed away in a motorbike accident.
It was the middle of September when we heard the shocking news and we are all still reeling from it.

We still think it is just a bad dream and that one day we will wake up by him walking through the office door. But he won’t. He will never see the new engine we are putting in Sunchaser as we speak, he will never see our new revamped office, the new T-shirts that just came in, no last “How’s it going kiddo”, no more hugs and laughs. There are so many won’ts and should have, would have, could have. At the same time, there are so many great memories and traditions that we will keep in our hearts and minds forever. He was like a dad away from home for a lot of us, a walking encyclopedia who taught most of us all we know about boating and a lot of other things. You try docking Sunchaser with Mike breathing over your shoulder, no pressure you know…Sometimes he would shout, ask for a ride at the most impossible time or call 10 times in 10 minutes because he needed something, but that does not way up how generous and caring he was.

We apologize for not saying anything sooner, but out of respect for his life partner, family and friends we didn’t want to put it out on social media. We apologize for not contacting some of you personally, as we know some of you go way back. There is just a lot of people and some of you we don’t even know or might not have your contact details. We didn’t want to forget anyone. We have gotten so many e-mails and kind words from so many people already and it is amazing to see that he touched so many lives.

We know a lot of you are wondering what will happen to Sunchaser Scuba and the staff. Rest assured, none of us are going anywhere, we will continue Mike’s life work, look after his baby “Miss Lavelle” and the other boats and keep on making him proud as we have for the past years.

A new season, a new start, a new beginning, but we will never forget, the old, the previous and how good it was.