It’s a new year!

Happy New Year!!!
We hope everyone had a fantastic night with friends, family, laughter and a good time. We sure did! Ready to set in another great year full of adventures, dives and new experiences.

With every new year comes new year resolutions. The best new years resolution has to be to learn to dive. Giving it a try or even getting certified. Why you ask? Well, there are a whole bunch of reasons; it is just amazing, it is a great work out, you meet so many fantastic people, you can travel the world finding new places to dive and you learn more and more every time you get in the water.


Blowing bubbles, feeling like you are in space, swim with fish…It is such a great experience. You can do it by yourself or get your friends and family involved. People from all ages and sizes go scuba diving every day. It is like riding a bike, you might be a little hesitant at first and of course you have to learn, but once you get it, it is a skill you will never forget. Every time you dive you will improve your skills, whether it is by taking the next course, just by practicing your buoyancy  or just dive.

Learning more about fish, coral and the oceans. Build more respect for the world we live in the oceans we need to survive. Becoming a diver will make you part of a world of ambassadors for the under water world. Just by learning to dive you might be contributing to ocean conservation and help to safe our oceans.


Participating in ocean clean ups, underwater or shoreline. Donating to conservation programs, just because you realize that those scary sharks need your help and that they are not that scary anymore now you have seen them up close. See that is the thing about scuba diving; It is not just one small thing, once you get involved you will see the bigger picture and know that you can do some much to help our amazing world, just by diving!

So new years resolution for this year is: Everyone should become a scuba diver!