A new wreck for the BVI!


Rumored to be sunken at the end of February the Kodiak Queen or YO-44 will be added to the list of many wrecks the BVI has to offer. If all goes according to plan she should be sunk around the Mt Point area (Long Bay), making a great and accessible wreck for us. She should be shallow enough so we can even take newer divers and snorkelers out to go and admire this amazing part of history.

The YO-44 was launched in 1940 and with a length of 155 ft, she was a fuel barge for the US Navy. She served numerous Navy vessels helping to win wars. Little did she know that she would be one of few surviving ships to tell the tale of Pearl Harbor. Apparently she even received a battle star for service in World War II.  After the war the YO-44 was converted into a fishing trawler, she was given many more names and ended up in Road Town (Tortola, BVI), about 60 years after Pearl Harbor.


As a project of Unite BVI, in cooperation with ARK and many others in the BVI, the Kodiak Queen is currently being cleaned and prepared for sinking, hopefully on 28 February 2017. Artists are on island as we speak, as they are making a huge octopus out of scrap metal to be positioned on top of the wreck. This construction will be used for coral nurseries. The wreck will not only be of historical value, but become a starting point for marine conservation projects and hopefully a new home to an abundance of marine life.

Stay tuned on our social media pages for more information and updates as we get closer to the sinking of this new wreck. Being so close to us will mean we will get to go and enjoy her often. 🙂

You can find more information about the project on www.divethebviartreef.com.