Sombrero; a day out!

So what happens when you get a bunch of dive staff and their amazing friends on a day off? You get excited explorers of oceans and seas, both on top and under the water.


It was on one of those days off where the seas were calm like glass, you could go anywhere you wanted to…and so we did. We decided to head out to the island of Sombrero.

Sombrero or Hat Island, lays about 54 miles from Virgin Gorda. The closest land is Anguilla which is about 40 miles away.  The main purpose of the island is to guide the way for sailors. It has a lighthouse on it, that serves as a mark for many travelers coming across from Europe on their boats. In the 1800’s they also used to cultivate phophate of lime or Guano on the island.

Being so remote, we headed out early in the morning. When we got there, we couldn’t believe what we saw. It was nothing any of us expected to find out there.

The island is not even a mile long and has sheer cliffs running all the way around it. Not a single beach to be found. Once we got there we circled the island, to see if we could find an access point. There was a way on, but were we in for an adventure. The only way you can get on the island is by timing the swell, to then grab a hold of the only ladder, which hangs about 6 ft above the water, and pull yourself up.

So we anchored the boat in the sand, grabbed our masks and fins and made our way over to our only way to get on the island. The swim from the boat was beautiful; crystal clear water teaming with life. Stingray, Eagle ray, Barracuda, plenty of fish and a couple of juvenile reef sharks were making their way along the shore line of this intriguing island.

We pulled ourselves up the ladder (which was easier said than done) to find an amazing place.

The island is a nesting ground for numerous birds and little did we know that we would see parents, eggs and young all over the island. We saw mainly boobies, but other birds were around as well. We had to carefully watch every step we took, making sure we wouldn’t step on anyone or scare them. Never had any of us seen so many birds in one spot.dsc_6432

It is also home to the black ground lizard. These little guys are not shy at all and when taking a little rest brake in the shade, they happily crawled over your legs on their way through.

We explored the island for a while, walking around finding salt water pools, old buildings and of course the current lighthouse. We took pictures of the old oil and rigging buildings and after walking up an appetite, we decided it was time to leave the small and furry inhabitants of Sombrero back in the peace we found them.

When we got back to the boat we were all anxious to get in the water. After such a beautiful snorkel and hike, we just couldn’t wait to see what this island has to offer under the water.

Have a look yourselves;

An amazing day, friends, the beautiful ocean, birds and marine life. So satisfied dreaming away of new adventures to come.