An office, shop, hidden gem…

Little by little, slowly but surely we are turning our little office into a small retail store.
Our office, located up the stairs from our dock, is a little hidden gem. It is the best office we have ever worked in, because lets be honest, you can not beat the amazing view. Some might even say it is the best office view in the world. With a prime location right in front of the Bitter End Yacht Club’s mooring field, we can see our dive boats come back from their trips. As soon as they make their way through the cut, between Virgin Gorda and Moskito Island, entering the North Sound we can see them approach. Located next to the pub and a small grocery store, I don’t think we need to say more…


It functions as an office, but there is always a little bit of space to offer vital items for sale. We don’t want to have too much, but a couple of items are just key for every dive shop to sell.

We only have limited space in our shop so selling full dive equipment is going a little bit overboard. We do however offer basic diver’s or snorkeler’s needs; from mouthpieces, defog to fin buckles and straps. Masks with the necessary snorkels, straps and fins with or without boots. Who does not need a fish ID slate, a dive map or book to find out where to go and what fish you have seen while you were snorkeling or diving. After your dives you want to make sure that you have your logbook with you so you can record everything you did and saw.



Souvenirs and memories go hand in hand, a T-shirt for the kids back at home or for yourself as proof that you went scuba diving. A rash guard and cap for sailing, diving and snorkeling during your stay in the sun.


Once you have bought all these amazing things, you might need a dry bag or mesh bag, so you can carry it around with you, back to your boat, villa or hotel room.

All those things that you might need when you are on, in or under the water. The things that come in handy but you forgot to pack them. The things that brake or disappear while you are having such an amazing time. Be sure to stop by, to see what we have and get the things you need or to just enjoy the view like we do.