Getting PADI Open Water certified!

You have done multiple Discover Scuba Diving experiences or you just know you want to go and see what the underwater world has to offer; then it is time to get your PADI Open Water certification. Take the plunge and get certified. Once you are certified, you can dive anywhere in the world and it is valid for life.


There are multiple ways to get your PADI Open Water certification; from doing everything here, while on vacation, or coming prepared having part of the classroom work done at home.

Let’s have a look at some of your options;

You can do the full open water course here with us. First you will have to get the book and dvd and go through all the material in way of self study. Once you have mastered all this theory, we will meet with you to go over all the knowledge reviews that you filled out in the book. Then we will have you take 4 multiple choice quizzes to make sure you understand the theory and so we can discuss anything you are unsure about. Lastly you will take your final multiple choice exam to prove mastery of the theory.

Or if you prefer, you can do all this theory ahead of time, by using the PADI E-learning. This will allow you to complete all the required theory and exams back at home online. When you then get down here, we will have you take a small multiple choice review, just to make sure you still remember everything.


Once you successfully passed all the theory tests, it will be time to head to the pool. In the pool we will teach you the skills you need to master in order to go scuba diving. From clearing your regulator and mask to knowing what to do in an out of air scenario. If you prefer you can even get this pool work done back at home as well.

Now all you have left to do is your 4 Open Water Dives. Each dive has certain skills you have to complete. They are the same skills that you have already mastered in the pool. Now we just have to put them to use in the ocean. We will practice your buoyancy, to make sure we protect the marine life and reef while you are out on a dive. Make sure you know how to and keep a good eye at your air while diving. With a dive computer you will learn to plan your dive and make sure you stick to the limits of your training.

Easy as that, now you are ready to go and explore the amazing underwater world and all it has to offer!