Luck by accident!

As we are returning home in the next couple of days, let’s look back on the accident that happened to Ben. An accident that brought luck at the same time!

Just before Christmas, when we thought it could only get better, it got worse first. Ben got hurt in a horrible accident.

Ben after the accident

The day of the accident, we decided that it was time to move the last bit of rubble, from the house we are staying at, to the dump. We borrowed a truck from friends to make our trips to the dump. On our last trip the car broke down, we blew a water hose. So, as you do in the BVI, we hitched a ride home to go and get our car, parts and tools. When we returned to the place we broke down, Ben parked our car in front of the broken down car.

Ben had almost fixed the car under Ryan and Kay’s watchful eyes. Suddenly a car came up the hill and right at them, not slowing down. Unfortunately the car drove into the back of the broken down truck and pinned Ben’s right leg between the front of the truck and our car. Luckily the door of the trunk, which opens like a normal door, was open. The door took most of the hit and pushed Ben in the car as the accident happened. Without the door, the result of the accident would probably have been worse..

As it was 4 o’clock and rush hour on Virgin Gorda, there was plenty of traffic and people to help.  Ben caught a ride to the clinic to get his leg checked out after the accident. From the clinic Ben and Kay ended up making a trip to the hospital in Tortola to spend 2 nights, before returning to the UK. The accident broke Ben’s leg in 4 places, 3 around the knee and one more above the ankle. His knee brakes needed surgery, urgently. There were no orthopedic surgeons on the island because of the holidays, so returning home to the UK was the obvious decision. Ben now has a plate and a bunch of screws to keep his leg together.

Ben leg after accident

The accident was horrible and a big bummer after having worked so hard to get where we were. If  it wasn’t for the accident we would have had a fantastic Holiday season. We would have been able to finish designing our new office. Be ready for the spring break… Luckily Ryan stayed behind and kept on improving the place as much as he could.

The accident did bring some goodness forward as well. Ben and Kay got to spend Christmas with their family for the first time in over 10 years. They spent some well deserved time with family and friends and were in the best care they could have hoped for after Ben’s accident.They got a well deserved break after everything that had happened. Surprisingly they did managed to do a lot of work from home. Sunchaser Scuba launched their new website. Kay was able to write blogs and focus on social media. Even things they never had time for before such as changing over their entire accounting system. Ryan proved himself over and over again, being a fundamental part of the business.

Ben after accident

On 2 March, Ben and Kay will take off from London and return home the next day. Ben still has some more recovery to do, but we couldn’t think of a better place to do so than home.
Regardless the good and the bad. Ben, Kay and Ryan are ready to be the Sunchaser Scuba team again. Every single one is counting down the days to get back in the water and go diving.


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