World Oceans Day

Join us for World Oceans Day!

On 8 June it is that time of the year again; time to celebrate World Oceans Day.

It is a big world out there and the ocean covers more than 70% of her. The ocean is important to us as it forms a source to many things we need. She generates most of the oxygen we breath, and regulates our climate She allows us to have so much fun both on and under the water…

In 2002 Ocean Project  started this amazing collaborative organization after a proposal of the concept by the Government of Canada, at the Earth Summit in 1992. After years of working hard and collecting as many signatures on their petition as they could, their hard work had a great result. In 2008 the UN officialy recognized 8 June as World Ocean Day. They are based in the US, but have advisers and volunteers in dozens of countries, all over the world. They work together with hundreds of organizations such as World Ocean Network, the Association of Zoos and Aquariums,…

The website was developed in 2003 to help organizers all over the world. All the information, materials and resources available on this site are free to use for anyone who wishes to organize their own event and celebrate World Oceans Day.

Their network has grown over the years, all over the globe. Currently there are around 2000 organisations who are partners and this number keeps on growing every year. Organisations go from aquariums, youth groups, sailors, divers but also governments, conservation organizations, schools and businesses.

World Oceans Day is a day to celebrate the ocean her beauty. The main message is to focus on preventing plastic pollution and the finding of solutions for a healthier ocean. It is important to get the message out there. What seems normal and obvious to us is new to others. Education is part of prevention.

So what will we be doing on World Oceans Day this year?

Sunchaser Scuba has been organizing numerous World Oceans Day events and we will continue that tradition this year. In corporation with Bitter End Yacht Club, we have organised a Prickly Pear shoreline clean up. Tradition goes that we dive and snorkel the shoreline of the Bitter End Yacht Club as it is where we are located. However, due to the ongoing development and clean up, we have decided to divert this years event to Prickly Pear. For those who don’t know, Prickly Pear is a small National Park Island about half a mile next to BEYC.

On Friday 8 June we will pick up any participants in Gun Creek and Leverick Bay around 8.30am. We will come to our dive shop at BEYC to get everyone kitted out with the necessary equipment and tools. Ready set and go for a morning of snorkeling along the shoreline of Prickly Pear to pick up any debris we can find. For those not so keen on snorkeling, they can walk the shoreline to pick up any debris on the beach and in the mangroves. Around 11am, we will call it a good morning done and head back to our dive shop to sort and record all of the debris we have found. Last but not least we will dispose of all our treasure and have a well deserved celebration drink.

Do you want to join us? Just give us a shout so we know where we will meet you and you can join our volunteer team for a morning of supporting what we love.
If you are not here, then be sure to go to the website and find an event near you.
Be sure to have a look for any events near you;
Or go the extra mile and organize your own event and set an example for the people around you.




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