Summer time!

Summer time!

August to us brings double feelings. It is sad as it brings the end of another season. Excited at the same time as it also brings vacation.

Every year we close down for a couple of months. Typically this is the middle of August until the middle of October. It is a tradition which remained over the years. This period is in general the quietest time in the BVI. September is also the month that seems to show most hurricane activity. We used to stay open during the whole year, but it was just not feasible during this period, so instead we figured it would be better to give everyone a two months vacation :).

Before we can go on vacation, there is a lot of work to be done though;

Boat yard

All the dive boats get stripped. Safety equipment and dive equipment get taken off. Curtains get a final soap and wash before they get rolled up and stored. Once all the equipment is off it gets a thorough wash and dry before storing. Finally the boats get a deep clean so they are ready to get pulled out.

The storing part is the tricky part. Trying to fit everything into our office has always been a fun puzzle, but it will fit. Now we have 2 containers that need to fit all of our safety equipment and all of our tanks. Should make for some good photos I am sure.

Once we are all done securing the dive shop it is time to go and take the boats to their vacation spot. We bring them across the bay to Gun Creek, Virgin Gorda. There, we drive them one by one onto a trailer. The trailer gets pulled to the boat yard and there they are put on stands and secured for the summer. While they are in the yard there are a couple of small fixes that get done on them. This year they are also due for their out of the water inspection, making sure they are all up to code.

Once everything is secured it is time for the crew to get into vacation mode. This year Ben and Kay will be heading up to the States for a couple of weeks. Nashville, St Louis and who knows what else they will get up to along the way. Ryan will spend his first summer in the BVI, but will escape off island for a week or 2, mainly to celebrate his birthday at the end of September. Miami might be on the cards for him also (first time in the USA).

We would like to take this chance to thank all of our guests for yet another amazing season. It was a different one for sure, but awesome in its own way. Now it is time for us to go and see some of the world, recharge our batteries and be ready to take you guys diving again on 15 October 2018. See you in the new season!