Welcome back!

It is so good to be back! After a well deserved vacation the whole team is back and ready to hit the floor running. We are ready to take all of you on your trip of a lifetime.

I know what you want to ask; how is it there? It is fantastic so why not come down, give us a visit and come diving! Let’s try to give you an update and some useful links to convince you and make sure you hurry up and book your next vacation to the BVI!

Sunchaser Scuba is fully up and running. We are still located at the Bitter End Yacht Club at our temporary location, where the fuel dock used to be. We are currently working out of 2 shipping containers while we patiently wait for the hotel to keep up the hard work of rebuilding, finding and building us a new spot. We have a small retail shop, are able to fill tanks and of course take you diving! We conveniently offer rendez vous diving at Leverick Bay, Dog Islands and Cooper Island so we can come and pick you up from the dock or from your boat. Due to the limited foot traffic at our location we don’t have set store hours yet though. Therefore we do recommend calling ahead of time to make sure we are there or so we can arrange a meet.

Places around us are working hard at rebuilding, from BEYC, Biras to Saba, every single one is moving along nicely and they all will be back. I know you really want to know when your favorite resort is opening again. Unfortunately only they know the answer, be sure to look at their website and Facebook pages for updates.
For all the Bitter End Yacht Club fans, be sure to check out their website and keep an eye out for updates on their Facebook page.

Is your favorite place not reopened yet, don’t worry, they will. Don’t let that stop you to come and revisit your paradise though. There are plenty of places to stay; from villa’s, apartments, bareboat charters and crewed charters…You can’t go wrong with either option. You never know, you might just find out that sailing is better than you thought it would be, or that after all those years of sailing, you actually prefer to spend your vacation on land.

Most grocery stores, restaurants and bars have reopened and there are still opening back up every week it seems. No need to worry about food and drinks, there are plenty of those.

As far as activities go, it is hard to sit still unless you want to. Beautiful beaches, snorkeling, diving, fishing, sailing, windsurfing, SUP,…

Now I got you all excited about coming down, have a look at the following websites to get a better idea of what is open and what is not;
www.bvitraveller.com and www.ilovevirgingorda.com


Whenever you are ready to book your next adventure with us, just let us know. We are ready for you!

Welcome back!