Next step? PADI Advanced Open Water

You have completed your PADI Open Water certification and are ready to take the next step.

When you are making your way up the PADI dive ladder, the next course to take is the PADI Advanced Open Water. The PADI Advanced Open Water course is all about advancing your dive skills. It helps you build confidence and helps you gain more dive skills through the different adventure dives. Each dive you do caters to a specific skill set.

For the PADI Advanced Open Water course you have to pick 5 subjects and do the relevant theory parts for these. You have to do deep and navigation. After these 2 you can pick 3 other subjects of your choice, as long as they are provided in the area where you choose to do your dives. It is very hard to do ice diving in the Caribbean after all…

The first step in taking your PADI Advanced course is completing the necessary theory. You can do this either by reading the relevant chapters in your PADI Advanced Open Water manual or by completing the convenient PADI E-learning. At the end of each chapter you will find a knowledge review to test your knowledge of the relevant subject. Your PADI instructor will go over all the knowledge reviews with you, prior to doing your dives. We just want to make sure you understand everything before we put your skills to a test.

Once you have completed your theory you are ready to go on your adventure dive and learn new skills. The skills depend on what subject you choose so lets have a look at some adventure dives and some of the skills you will be doing during these dives!

As mentioned you have to do deep and navigation, so what will you be learning during these dives?
The Deep Adventure Dive focuses on the physiological effect and challenges of deeper diving. It will teach you how to plan your dives accordingly so you can safely conduct your deep dives. Did you know that color changes the as you go deeper? What about the fact that you will use more air at depth? Therefor you should make sure that you monitor your air consumption frequently.
The Underwater Navigation Adventure dive gives you more time to learn how to navigate underwater. Not only by using your compass, but also through natural navigation. Do you think you can make your way back to the dive boat?

Other Adventure dives include Peak Performance Buoyance, where you fine tune your buoyancy skills. Aware Fish Identification teaches you how to identify fish and their families and the correct way to observe marine life. During the Wreck Adventure dive we have a look at the hazards you should keep in mind when diving on a wreck,…

Be sure to ask about what other fun dives we can offer you during your PADI Advanced Open Water diver course. Sign up today and take your scuba diving adventure to the next level!