See you next season!

Today marks the end of another fantastic season.
Yes, we are sneaking off a little early this season so we can prepare and be ready in full force for you guys in October!

It has been another incredible season and things have improved drastically from the last one. We are still doing a lot of commercial work but boaters, divers and tourists are back. We certainly can’t complain about the number of amazing dives we have done this season.

Right now it is time to pull the boats out of the water, pack up and head out for a little bit of business but mainly a lot of vacation time with family and friends.

The end of another season also brings another sad farewell!
Ryan is heading back to South Africa to visit his family, after not seeing them for 2 years. Unfortunately he will not be joining us again in our next season. Instead he will be pursuing his dreams.

We are sad to see Ryan go! For the past 3 years he has been an amazing asset to the Sunchaser Scuba team. We all know we could not have survived without him. He came into a tough first season with the loss of Mike. Then there was the hurricane and to top it all of we had to leave him for 2.5 months when Ben broke his leg. None of this bad luck deterred him from staying here and he proudly and amazingly handled everything we threw at him. We can’t thank Ryan enough for all he has done for us over the past couple of years!

We wish Ryan the best of luck in the future, where ever life will take him. We know he will do well and whoever he works for next is lucky to have him on his team.
Thank you Ryan for being an incredible PADI dive instructor, dive guide, boat captain, water boy, employee and friend.