A massive exciting welcome to our new season!

New season, new start, new new and new. We are super excited to start yet another incredible season of diving in the BVI! This season has a lot of exciting new things happening so stay tuned and we will update you as these new things start to happen. Just to give you a heads up though, these new things include; hats, shirts, BVI Wreck Week, wrecks,…

One of the most exciting new things that already happened is the arrival of our new crew; Brit and Greg!
This bubbly young couple arrived here after a massive 48 hours of traveling all the way from South Africa, their home country. They both grew up along the East coast of South Africa and that is where they met in high school and got together about 2 years ago. Their passion for diving took them on their adventure to become a PADI Dive Instructor back at home. Afterwards they traveled to Thailand and worked there on a livaboard. After almost a year it was time for a new adventure and that is what brought them to us.

Britney (Brit) is our youngest crew member at 19 years of age. She is a fun and sweet instructor who loves to talk to you. She has been diving since she was a little girl and is excited to show her passion of the underwater world to our divers, experienced and new.

Gregory (Greg) is only a couple months older and has been on our planet for 20 years now. He is a happy addition to our team, we are excited about learning more about both. If you want to see a nudibranch, he will be your guy!

We are so excited to have these guys join us and can’t wait to show them the beautiful underwater world in the British Virgin Islands. Right now these guys are being absolute troopers at taking in all the new things they are learning such as tying lines, learning to drive the boats, mooring field work, painting tanks.
They are doing such an amazing job at the not so glamorous work we have them doing now so we can only imaging how incredible they will be when they can do what we are all here to do; diving!!!

Come and see Brit, Greg, Ben and Kay for yourself and let us take you on a trip of your lifetime!