BVI Wreck Week 2019

Today marks the start of the BVI Wreck Week 2019 and we are so excited about this new event!
Organised by BVISO, the BVI Scuba Organization you will be able to dive the amazing wrecks in the BVI and join on daily events all around the BVI.

So what exactly is happening during the BVI Wreck week?
Have a look at for all details, but lets give you an overview to get you started.

Needless to say we will be diving wrecks, old ones and new ones!
Did you know that the BVI has a fair few wrecks? We have the world famous RMS Rhone, a must do for all divers in the BVI. There is Wreck Alley, where you will find 4 wrecks in a row. The new Willy T for a chance to dive with pirates and there is even more…Have a look at the website to find out which wrecks we will be diving during BVI Wreck Week!

Each dive operator in the British Virgin Islands has developed their own wreck week specials and planned the dives accordingly. At some shops you will find discounts for certain dives and others will offer you a multiple day package.

Next to that you will find a bunch of fun events for the whole family. Starting with a beach party at Hendo’s Hide Out on Jost Van Dyke to a Rhone Ball at Scrub. There will be a different event every night at a new location.

Don’t forget to pick up your BVI Wreck Week souvenir and any of our participating dive shop or event.