Swimming for vacation fun…

As divers we go on dive vacations for fun. So swimmers go on swim vacations for fun.

One of those swim vacations happens right here in the British Virgin Islands with Sunchaser Scuba and our partner Swim Trek. Swim Trek has been offering their swim vacations in the BVI for over 15 years. At this point they come down twice a year, for a total of 6-8 weeks to swim in the beautiful waters of the British Virgin Islands. The ultimate goal is the historic straight between the British and U.S Virgin Island, which comes with the bragging rights of having swum from Britain to America.

Swim Trek started back in 2000 when SwimTrek’s founder Simon Murie was planning for his 30th birthday. He remembered as a boy growing up, reading about Byron’s crossing of the fabled Hellespont which divides Europe and Asia in north-west Turkey. Attempting to organize the trip proved such a struggle that he figured there must be more swimmers out there and a need for help organizing these trips. So Swim Trek was born. In the early days Simon was guiding, running the office,…pretty much doing it all. Now Swim Trek has a fully staffed head quarter and tons of guides.

Swim vacation we say, what exactly does that mean? In the BVI this means that you swim around 6 kilometers a day, at a different location every day. The first day is a bit of a warm up day to see how everyone does in the water. We explore the beautiful reefs around the North Sound. Then every day we step it up a notch. Going from protected locations to open ocean crossings. One of the hardest swims in the British Virgin Islands is the swim crossing from the Baths to Ginger Island. The possible strong currents and big waves make this a good challenge to even the most competent swimmers.


Swim Trek offers trips all over the world, for all levels of swimmers, novice to experienced.
There is something for everyone…
Are you interested in joining the Swim Trek team on one of their swim vacations?
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