Strange times…

Well, guess what this months blog will be about…you guessed it COVID-19, coronavirus, …

You are all too well aware what it means. No matter how you look at it, every single person in the whole world has been effected by mother nature’s newest revenge. Call it what you like, but without a doubt you have in one way or another been effected.

Dive boats on their moorings

What is the effect on us, our staff and our dive shop, here in the British Virgin Islands?
Well first of all, we could think of worse places to be in the world to have to spend time with our loved ones being isolated. I can hear all of you think it, yeah, it’s a beautiful place, amazing water and there is the beach. Well, it wasn’t quit that nice but at least we have a view, it is nice and warm and the sun shines. Let me explain what happened in the BVI;

On 18 March we took our last guests out diving, right before the borders closed down. No one in or out was the start of a quick response to the world around us unraveling. Then on 25 March we were given 2 days notice that starting 27 March a 24 hour mandatory curfew would take place until 2 April. This meant that all business were to close down, even supermarkets and pharmacies. No one was allowed to leave their house, not even for exercise. Apart from essential workers that is. This was followed by a 3 day period in which you were allowed out only to go shopping on your designated shopping day, assigned by last name. This rolled straight into another complete 24-hour lock down until 19 April. This lock down got extended by a week. Right now we are on an adjusted lock down. Every day from 6am until 1pm we are allowed out for essential shopping and exercise only. The rest of the day is a strict stay in side curfew. Slowly business are allowed to reopen such as construction, clothing stores, banks and insurance. And so we wait, patiently until it is our turn…

Spring break and Easter are normally our busiest time of the year, after Christmas. Sure would have been nice to have gotten that bit of good business in before this happened.
Saying that, we do believe strongly that the BVI government did the right thing by quickly closing the boarders and trying to get on top of Covid-19 early rather then let it run its course.

One of our quick escape trips to check on the boats during curfew.

Ben and Kay managed to get a curfew pass which allowed them to go and check on the dive boats twice a week. The boats took a well deserved isolation break themselves on their moorings at the dive shop. We are not going to lie, those 1 hour escapes on the water were amazing! A nice and calm ride from Leverick Bay to Bitter End Yacht Club, with just the 2 of us on the water in our little Ramming Speed. With views like these how can you not remember in what an amazing place we live.

During the curfew we all do what everyone else in the world is doing in isolation; spring clean, Netflix, cooking, baking, eating, drinking, resting, work out,…
For some of us a little bit of work from home here and there was also part of the new daily routine. We worked on our summer kids dive camp, local incentives for when curfew is over. Writing blogs, updating the website, keeping up with social media and newsletters.
Working from home definitely has its perks; unlimited supply of coffee and snacks, your favorite music playing in the back ground,… All of that in your pyjamas, day after day…

Fun facts;
1. You don’t want to know how amazing the weather has been during this time! Generally, whenever we get busy, the weather likes to throw us under the bus. Send some nice strong winds in our direction making the rides to and from the dive sites rougher. Or how about a nice 8ft swell to reduce the visibility on the dive sites. Or our favorite, both wind and swell. Not for the 3 weeks we were under curfew though. Never in the 10 years we have been here have we seen 3 consecutive weeks during busy time, where it was beautiful calm weather. Sure, there was a little bit of a swell, but seriously, amazing weather when we can’t enjoy it…
2. We met our new neighbors who seem to have moved in the neighborhood during curfew.
3. Brit makes a killer chocolate cake with caramel and mint frosting.
4. Greg and Ben are in heaven playing video games for days.

Having a morning chat with the new neighbors at safe distance

We hope you, your family and friends are safe and hanging in with these trying times for all of us. If you are together with your loved ones, enjoy each other and the time you get to spend with each other. If you are not, remember that they are only a phone call away.
And most importantly this will pass and together we will get through this together.
Just know that as soon as we can, we will be here waiting to take you out again on a trip of your lifetime!