Looking back…

As time goes by everything around us changes. Technology evolves and new gadgets make their way onto the market. Techniques improve and we adjust accordingly. Sadly people come and go with time as well. So what are these people up to these days, I am sure you wonder. So let’s have a look at some of our most recent staff that have left us and how they are getting along without us.

Ryan enjoying yacht life!

The most recent staff member to have left us is Ryan. After a well deserved vacation to his home country, Ryan has been focusing on the yachting industry. He has been doing some day work on mega yachts in Florida while looking for a more permanent position on a yacht. Just before the holidays both him and his amazing girlfriend Carly found work on a yacht together. They did a couple of charters together and saved money for Ryan’s captain’s license.

Shon hanging out with the rich and famous on Necker Island.

Shon found a full time position working on Richard Branson’s Necker Island after the storm in 2017. He is still working there as a boat captain and is continuing his dive career. He has moved on and became a PADI Instructor.

Some things just don’t change!

Michael continues to explore the world. After an amazing time working and traveling in Australia he is about to start his second year in New Zealand. Him and his Swedish girlfriend, Moa, are enjoying their time in this incredible country. Multi talented man he is, Michael is currently working for a boat building company.

Devin in the real world!

Devin is living the life of fires and snow in Lake Tahoe, California, with his awesome girlfriend Dani. His crazy days of jumping out of helicopters to fight fires seem to be slowing down and he is settling for a more permanent position with the fire department. When he is not in the fire you can find him down the snowy slopes of his new home or on one of his motorbikes.

Caitlin with her fiancee Andrew!

Caitlin went back to school for a while and continues to pursue her dream in real estate and house design. Her and her boyfriend Andrew just moved to Maryland after living in Colorado and recently got engaged! Congratulations you guys!!!

Shane with his amazing wife Lauren!

Shane and his awesome wife Lauren are still enjoying life in California. When Shane left the BVI they moved to Tennessee for a while. However a through Cali boy made him return to his roots, where they currently live.

Off they went, each on their own new adventures. We wish them all the luck in the world in their new ventures. We had such a fantastic time with each and everyone of these wonderful and inspiring people. They will be forever in our hearts!