Diving for everyone!

Diving should be for everyone! Who does not dream of taking their first breath under water? Are you not curious about what you might see down there? Unfortunately not everyone gets the chance to see what it is all about. That is why Sunchaser Scuba, with the support of Bitter End Yacht Club and Unite BVI is organizing dive summer camps for the second year in a row.

Getting ready to go diving!

During the months of July and August, Ben and Kay will be teaching 56 youngsters to blow bubbles. Building up from last years experience, this year we will offer 2 different types of camps. A PADI discover scuba diving camp and a PADI Open Water diver camp.

Diving is of course our main goal. However our broader objective is to teach local youngsters the importance of our oceans. This is important both for us humans, but also for the local tourism industry. Making children aware of the importance of marine life and making sure they understand the effects towards the future for sustainable fishing, trash reducing etc…are all part of our camp. Our longterm goal is to entice a few of these amazing individuals and making them realize what a unique, fun, but also viable job oportunity awaits them in just a couple of years.

During the discover scuba diving camp we will take our time on the first afernoon to explain the basics of scuba diving and the equipment. This is followed by inwater practice in the pool at Leverick Bay to make sure everyone is comfortable in the water and in the equipment. The next afternoon, we will be heading out for 2 dives to a maximum depth of 40ft.

In the Open Water camp we go beyond just a teaser to see what it is like. The participants of this camp will become a PADI Open Water Diver and receive their certification which is valid for life.

Jumping in the water

Everyone in the BVI, between the ages of 10 and 18, can apply for the camp. We do this in a very unique way. We ask all interested candidates to send us a 30 second video of why they would like to learn to dive. The board members of our sponsors Unite BVI and BEYC have the difficult task of going through all the footage and pick the succesful candidates.

Finding all these amazing individuals is only possible with the help of many youth leaders. Non profit organisations such as YEP, M.A.L.E, VGFC and local schools such as Ciboney and Robinson O’Neal Primary School were an incredible assett in helping us spread the word about our camps. They even assisted us in finding the candidates.