The end of another season!

Our start of summer, annual hiatus, vacation time…It is that time of the year where we tend to close down and give everything and everyone a well deserved vacation. Normally the middle of August marks the start of our annual hiatus and it runs until the middle of October. These dates do tend to change ever so slightly every year, depending on what is happening. The past couple of years, while Bitter End Yacht Club has been busy rebuilding their incredible resort, we have been sneaking out a little early and closed on 1 August. This year, due to COVID-19 we decided to keep operational until otherwise dictated, or at least that was the plan. Then new restrictions were starting to get imposed so during the last week of August we decided it was time for our boats to get pulled out of the water and rest up for a couple of weeks.

Vacation time!

Why do we close during this time every year. Because it is hurricane season a lot of people say. Well, yes, but at the same time no. Hurricane season runs from 1 June until the 1 November. So technically speaking we remain open for the majority of the Atlantic hurricane season under which we fall. However, from mid-August until late October it seems to be the peak of hurricane season for the British Virgin Islands as that is when our water is at its warmest.
Now we don’t close because of this specifically, it is just that over the years, tourists have become hesitant to come down that time of the year, meaning this can be a very slow time. To the point where it is not really feasible to remain open during these 2 months. Resulting in a 2 month vacation, highly welcomed by our staff. Don’t be mistaken, we LOVE being here and taking you diving, but this is our time to go and be a tourist somewhere. Or at least that is what would normally happen.

The first 2 weeks of close down are generally passed by packing up shop, taking everything off the boats and packing it all away. All the boats get pulled out of the water and stored in the boat yard in Gun Creek where they will stay in safe hands while we enjoy our vacation.

The last couple of weeks are spent putting everything back together. The boats get any necessary work done in the boat yard such as bottom paints. When they get put in the water they are in dire need of an extensive spa treatment. The shop gets put back together and all equipment will be washed and serviced. This year we will also need to complete our out of the water boat inspections. This is a 3 yearly inspection that is required for both the insurance company and for the British Virgin Islands Shipping Registry. They will each send an inspector to the boat who will check the boat over from top to bottom, inside and out, making sure we are adhering to industry standards.

Boats in the boat yard

This year will be a little different than most years. Normally Ben and Kay head out on a travel adventure, mixed with family and friend visits, visiting countries they have never been to…However, this year will be the first year in a long time that they will be spending their summer in the place they have called home for the past 10 years! The British Virgin Islands in the off season is like having paradise to yourself. Hopefully if the restrictions get lifted again, they will take one of the dive boats and go and explore the islands of the BVI. Diving, snorkeling, eating and drinking at places they normally can’t go to because they are working.

Jumping in vacation like this…

So before we take off we just want to take this chance to thank all of you!
We would not be here if it wasn’t for you.
Thank you for diving with us, whether it was this season, in the past or in the future!
Thank you for following us on our social media, writing amazing reviews, checking in with us, emailing, calling,…
Just THANK YOU and see you in October!