What to watch?

When you can’t get under the water, what better to do than watch and pretend you are under the water. There are plenty of fantastic documentaries out there that teach us more about the underwater world. Some serious and sad, some very educational but one thing they all have in common is the incredible videography and up close footage they get from some of our favorite marine animals.

Some are not for the faint hearted and it is definitely not all pretty. It is however important that we are aware and learn about our so important oceans. The good and the bad…the pretty and the ugly…The amazing and understood world below us.

The latest documentary to come out is Seaspiracy. Seaspiracy is a Netflix documentary. It is about the impact of commercial fishing and brings up some unsettling truths about the impact on both marine life and human lives involved in this huge industry.

Another Netflix documentary but this one on a slightly brighter note is My Octopus teacher. This 2020 story about a film maker who develops an incredible friendship with an octopus has some incredible and never seen before videography. Learn more about this incredible and smart creature that made this documentary win an Oscar for Best Documentary Feature and a BAFTA for Best Documentary.

One of the earlier eye opening documentaries is The cove. This heartbreaking story exposes the slaughter of thousands of dolphins off the coast of Japan every year. It shows the industry of dolphin meat being sold as whale meat and the capturing of dolphins to be sold to marine parks for a lifetime of captivity.

Another shocking story, but this time about one of our favorite underwater critters is Sharkwater. A multiple award winner, Sharkwater was one of the first documentaries to shed light on the industry of illegal shark finning. Rob Stewart an incredible advocate for sharks and his passion shows in all of his documentaries. His death/ disappearance during a dive while filming Sharkwater Extinction was a shock to the industry and a loss of a great ocean ambassador. The search was labeled by the US Coast Guard as the largest ever. So many people offered both in person and monetary help such as Richard Branson, Jimmy Buffet, Paul Watson and the Sea Sheperd.

Lastly, one of the most fascinating works out there about our oceans is Blue Planet. This incredible series of documentary, narrated by David Attenborough includes some of the most amazing footage ever captured. The work and detail put into these episodes is proof of the dedication, passion and hard work this team puts into these documentaries. Their will to learn and educate shows off in hours of incredible videos you would have never seen before. Be ready for hours of watching and learning about our underwater world.

I am sure there are other incredible stories and tales out there but we wanted to give you a little taster of some of our favorites.