Conservation starts at home

Nature’s little secret, a place to visit and a place to call home.
The British Virgin Islands is an incredible country which we all love both above and below the water. In our line of duty we mainly focus on the underwater efforts. From beach and shoreline clean ups, to treating the coral for SCTLD, coral restoration, turtle tagging, shark tagging, education and conservation. More needs to be done, more can be done and we need your help in making it work!

What can you do you ask? From things as small as making sure you pick up your trash on the beach, wearing sunscreen that is not toxic to our reefs or participating in a turtle tagging experience. Every little bit helps so let’s have a look at some of our local non profits that do so much to preserve our pristine beauty and who you can help too.

The Association of Reef Keepers or ARK is one of the first non profit organizations in the BVI. In the early days they were pushing the importance of protecting the Territory’s marine resources. Over the years they have taken on several additional topics such as coral restoration and their most known BVI sea turtle program. One of their most amazing experiences is to go out with them on a turtle tagging expedition.

Beyond the Reef puts it’s focus on creating new marine ecosystems like wrecks and combine this with art, education and sustainable projects. Their big push is to encourage the local community to understand the importance of our oceans. To teach youngsters how to swim, snorkel, dive. To get them excited and proud of the underwater world that makes their islands such an incredible attraction. To show why we have to protect it for us, for others, for tourism, for the value for our lives.

Unite BVI is a unique non profit organization that covers a lot of different topics and causes. They listen to the community and try to fill blanks where they are needed. From mobilizing local dive shops to offer summer dive programs to be able to advocate the protection of our local resources, investing in education, supporting local entrepreneurs and so much more. They are the people that create opportunities so that others can learn, inspire and empower. They unite people to make great things happen.

Every single one of these organizations has their heart in the right place and does so much for us, our community and our ocean. They do so much more than what I can describe so be sure to have a look at their website. See what they have been up to lately and see how you can help them help us, our community, our planet and our ocean.