A new year for new initiatives

Sunchaser Scuba is proud to present, in partnership with Bitter End Yacht Club and ARK (Association of Reef Keepers), a year of Sea Sweeps.

Sea Sweep

On December 23rd Bitter End Yacht Club launched their first “Adopt a Hammock & Support the Sound Auction.” In partnership with Sunchaser Scuba and ARK (Association of Reef Keepers), Bitter End raised funds to support a year long program to clean up the seabed and shorelines surrounding North and Eustatia Sounds.

During the auction BEYC offered only 12 Bitter End friends the opportunity to claim one of the first hammocks at Bitter End 2.0. When you adopt a BEYC hammock, a personalized plaque will be installed next to it with your name and the sentiment of your choosing. These 12 hammocks will be the first ones to be installed at BEYC 2.0.

The proceeds of this auction will go to the Bitter End Foundation and will be used for ‘seasweeps’ (ocean clean ups) in the North and Eustatia Sound. With the help of Sunchaser Scuba and ARK, each month there will be a SeaSweep in a different location in the North or Eustatia Sound.

On January 10 the first SeaSweep took place on the back side of Prickly Pear and the crew picked up a lot of debris from the shoreline. With Ponce De Leon, we set off to the North Side of Prickly Pear. We had snorkelers picking up debris from the shallows while others scrambled over the rocky shore or beach to pick up any debris we could find. From empty plastic bottles to ladders and roofing, nothing was too big or small for the team.

Do you want to join us in one of the SeaSweeps this year and help clean our oceans and amazing beaches?
Have a look at the map below and find out where you can find us when. The SeaSweeps are open for the public, the more hands the better. If you want to give us a hand on one of these SeaSweeps, you can contact Sunchaser Scuba on info@sunchaserscuba.com or
+1 284 344 2766 for more information.